NPR Poll: Majority of Republicans Believe Kavanaugh Should Be Confirmed, Even if Allegations Are True

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, left, and the woman accusing him of sexual assault as a teen, Christine Blasley Ford, right, are sworn in under oath as Senate testimony begins.

A recent poll taken by NPR reported: “A majority of Republicans (54 percent) say they think Kavanaugh should be confirmed regardless of whether Ford’s allegations are true, according to the poll.”

What an abhorrent idea.

I understand that many think these allegations are fabrications designed to impede the progress of powerful men. While I wholeheartedly disagree with those people (and I truly believe that an objective eye should be able to see why many of these are likely based in fact), I respect the fact that there IS a debate that exists in that lane. No matter how confident I am in my perspective as correct, I can’t deny that it’s possible a woman or political party could launch a character attack on an innocent person. But that’s not what this is about, per that poll from NPR.

Any person can listen to the stories of these women, and decide “Okay, sure, but even if that happened, that’s not really a reason to keep this man off of the highest court in the land”, I have to ask if they have any morality at all. I challenge that someone with that view is absolutely void of any reasonable, working moral code.

“Holding someone down in a bedroom and trying to undress them is conduct I will allow from one of the country’s 9 highest judicial members.”

“Forcefully exposing yourself to an unwilling woman in college should not prevent you from being a Supreme Court justice.”

“Just because someone committed a sexual crime as a young man, that shouldn’t be reason to deny his lifetime appointment to one of America’s most trusted positions.”

It’s absolutely disgusting and appalling that any ONE person could hold that view. The idea that over half of the majority party holds that view is deeply saddening.

I hope, beyond measure, that the sample size of this poll is such that the 54% statistic is an anomaly. But I also know enough that NPR would be careful to ensure their polls meet certain scientific thresholds for margin of error and accuracy.

There is nothing wrong with being a Republican. I likely passionately disagree with you on many issues, but that’s part of what makes America great.

We can have the debate about the validity of allegations, in this instance and others, and so long as you’re willing to have an open mind, to admit its possible that events like this DO take place, and DO go unreported for years.

But I – and none of us – should tolerate or accept a person that is willing to look a sexual victim in the face and say “I believe you, I just don’t care.”

This is, absolutely, a new low. If you are among those that could EVER, in the same breath, really believe that a story like this is true, and not be willing to pull your support from the perpetrator to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, please, I beg of you, remove me from your life. I will deal with whatever consequences your departure brings, and I will do it proudly.

It’s also interesting that the correlation to this group of people is presumably nearly identical to the “why don’t they speak out when it happens” people. Well, this is why. Half of the ruling political party in this country, if this poll is to be believed, have said loud and clear “We don’t really care about what you went through. We’re more than willing to look past that, even with one of the government’s highest positions.” Why would any woman, after this, come forward when there’s MILLIONS of people that are willing to say to her “Okay, so what? Not my concern.”

There’s also a strong correlation, I’d imagine, to the people that condemned Tamir Rice or Trayvon Martin to their fates for their behavior. Why is it when it’s a Supreme Court nominee put forth by your party, its “Boys will be boys”, but when it’s a young person of color (or, more accurately and less divisively, a person of lower class), its “All actions come with consequences.”?

The victimization of women should not be a partisan issue. The victimization of anyone should be at the core of what every good, decent person opposes, no matter the party.

We have all done dumb things, but age and alcohol don’t give you a carte blanche from those actions. I, myself, have done things that I regret, and I’m sure most readers, being honest with themselves, have too. If you have done something similar to what’s being alleged of someone else, be it minor or major, don’t hide behind your own shame to defend terrible actions. Be better.

As men, if we want these stories and allegations to become rare, I promise you, it’s in OUR hands. Most of us have likely stopped short of ‘victimization’, but the behavior is prevalent and everywhere. It’s no longer enough to say, “Okay but I don’t rape, I have never raped, and I don’t attack or grope women.” We must become advocates FOR women that have been subjected to treatment that was unacceptable.

Finally, aside from the horrible idea that we could ever believe these women and still support this man’s nomination, I would like to remind all of us that we are talking about the Supreme Court of the United States. These are objectively the nine most powerful people in the US government. They are meant to be among the wisest among us, our most delicate and passionate issues laid at their feet for literal judgement. I think just the admission that someone was a heavy drinking, partying alpha frat boy is enough that we should find someone else for this role. I want the Supreme Court to be full of people that considered board games and a bottle of wine in law school to be a “wild night”. I want them to be the absolutely most exceptional of minds and character in our country. This is not an elected official that is meant to be a representation of the people. Presumption of innocence exists in criminal justice to thwart wrongful convictions; the standard for a Supreme Court nominee should be much, much higher than what it takes for a criminal conviction. These are the people that we find at the top of a mountain for guidance and wisdom. They are our present-day Oracle. Even average behavior should be well below the threshold of moral character we demand for these nine seats.

We are better than this, America.


Writer’s Note: No matter what the outcome of these events are, the next Supreme Court Justice will be nominated by President Trump. The idea that there’s some huge partisan gain by blocking this particular nomination is laughable. As many rightly oppose Kavanaugh for his legal views, so too will they oppose the next nominee, and so will be the case for every nominee until the end of time. Whoever gets this open seat will almost certainly be a threat to rights that many in this country are gravely concerned about. That is unavoidable. As such, the insistence that any of this is for political gain is nothing more than the continued perpetuation of rape culture, where we find any excuse to silence those that have been victimized. And we should be better than that.

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